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About Me

Entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in Sales, including roles as VP of Sales and CEO. Public speaker and writer in Israel and abroad, while helping organizations and businesses in the hi-tech industry, dedicated to their results and building strong partnerships.

Organizations empowerment Expert, helping increase profitability, improve sales and business, and transform organizations to synergetic units dedicated to one goal and helping their managers become successful. Throughout the years, I’ve been making significant changes in various organizations.

Martial Arts instructor and Far East theories expert – certified in martial arts and Zen Shiatsu, I have been incorporating those principals into my work.

“I believe the Sales Rep is the most important employee in the organization. Sales are the essence of the organization, thus are the main part of it. Nowadays, Sales Reps are not the center of the organization, and the organization is not utilizing Sales to its fullest, at least not as it should be. Sales Reps are essentially the customer of every organization.”  

Why me

  • I implement a proven results-driven method in the most effective way (BeKnowLegy method).
  • I work with all organizations’ functions, not just with sales.
  • I enable cross organization change and help the organization work as one vector dedicated to one goal: selling value to customers.
  • I provide a toolbox to realize the buying and selling process. As a result, sales will dramatically change.

“You need to talk about business, not about sales. Every organization has to be focused on making business that brings value. The definition of value is different from the consecutive definition, meaning, do not focus on which value you provide but the return that brings the buyer a step closer to freedom.”   

How business and Far East Wisdom are Connected

Zen has brought the western world the wisdom of ancient practices. Nowadays, this wisdom is used for deep energetic work, and those who decide to learn and implement it could gain better results, both in personal and organizational goals.
In fact, managers who adopt the principals of martial arts could potentially double sales, bring employees together to work on mutual goals, and at the end of the day accomplish better cooperation and a politics-free harmony where all are working for one cause.

“Bringing value is not for the customer only but is also for the customer’s customers. ” 

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