The methodology

Converting Businesses Into Systemic Selling Organizations


A company’s sales performance is its lifeblood. Without a great top line there is no bottom line, Yet sales are often viewed as an outside activity with few tangible connections to the internal operation of an organization.

Most organizations are vertically focused with each functional department achieving a self-serving purpose for being. This silo mentality becomes entrenched and the greater enterprise can lose track of its business purpose. The result is an organization that is focused primarily internally, while customers and revenue become secondary in nature. To combat this, we developed a business methodology called “Value Selling Organization”.

After the economic crisis in 2008, buyers’ behavior became more sophisticated (using Facebook, Google on line search etc.), while sales methods have stayed the same as during the 80’s and 90’s. This has created a situation, in which organizations do not know how to meet the challenges of new buying behavior. Therefore, I explored the “Value Based Selling” methodology (VBS) developed by Gene Allen (USA) that focused on Sales Departments. I expanded VBS into VSO in order to integrate and combine all functional departments of a business organization, including management, IT and all of the employees. VSO is a customer-centric model that seeks to focus all of a company’s resources on customer satisfaction.

The revenue of a business grows that gives its customers the values they are seeking in pursuit of their own goals and targets. In that way, the sales process must be integrated into the entire business organization rather than remain limited to the activities of a sales department.

VSO Methodology Involves A Series Of Consultations Transforming A Business’ Understanding Of Its Value, Its Selling And Its Organization.

Value: Every employee should become aware not only of the value that the
business is selling but more importantly, of the value that the customers are seeking. Improving a business’ understanding of the value that customers want creates an immediate and unique competitive edge in the market.

Selling: Sales representatives should learn to emphasize the buyer’s business goals (i.e. the value they are seeking); the rest of the organization
integrates the information the sales department learns from the customersinto their own operations.

Organization – the entire infrastructure is encouraged to support the sales activities, by implementing CRM, BPM and BI software through its IT department, in order to analyze the customer; by streamlining all management decisions and activities on potential customers’ needs; by committing the leadership to unify the organization around the success of sales activities.

Regardless of the size of the business organization, the VSO process involves the following steps, which will be further explained in the lecture.

The lecture aims to expose the audience to a new business approach that supports their stakeholders’ profit.

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