A company’s sales performance is its lifeblood. Without a good top line, the bottom line is bound to suffer. The current aggressive market obliges us to adopt a different and advanced business concept, in order to achieve a satisfactory bottom line.

This book draws the framework of a new business methodology that has been developed by Amir Kahani to achieve business goals.

Kahani’s unique business methodology – Value Selling Organization (VSO) – is innovative and comprehensive. It focuses on identifying and defining the value sought by customers and systematically adjusts the organization’s work procedures to provide the required value to the customers, thereby enlarging the business’s profit.
At present time, the methodology is effective in both B2B and B2C markets, where local and international companies – including Brinks – employ it successfully.

Amir Kahan, is the CEO and managing partner of Auren Israel Business Consulting (a part of Auren International).
Kahani has more than 30 years of experience in business and sales in a variety of positions, from a field salesman up to a CEO position of several companies. Today, Kahani is an international business lecturer and a writer.

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